Thursday, 16 October 2008

Green Collar Jobs

See the Guardian clip below:
I'm confused by this concept of Green jobs, Green-collar jobs, Green economy. My collar is white, not green.

We can't keep othering so called 'greeness' - if the aim is to mainstream sustainability, we must surely recognise that people are unlikely to change their collars - particularly to green ones. I've never even seen a Green-collared shirt, let alone a 'green job'.

It's not 'Green' to set up a renewables company - it's probably just good business sense. It's not 'green' to reduce the emissions from a factory - It's just business sense and environmental sense. Less Green more mainstream!!!
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If the government is serious about its commitment to tackle climate change, it needs to provide local authorities with clear mechanisms and incentives to implement specific carbon reduction policies. These are related to delivering carbon neutral housing and sustainable transport schemes, enabling green entrepreneurship and promoting sustainable consumption at the individual and collective level - which would at the same time create thousands of "green collar" jobs, much needed in the current economic downturn.

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