Thursday, 16 October 2008

Money money money....

Robert Peston, on his blog, is suggesting that the Government may need to consider a significant program of public spending to boost our faltering economy "That's why the British government is being forced to think about something new: a substantial and sustained increase in public spending to offset the contraction of spending by the private sector (there may be little point in cutting taxes, since nervous consumers and businesses would probably hoard any extra cash that went into their pockets)."  Is this the time for a New Green Deal?

We're going to be calling for contributions to an inquiry on the future of the Welsh economy v. soon. What with the ongoing financial and real economy situation, increasingly known as the 'Pestoncession' AND broader questions of resource scarcity, oil notably AND set against a backdrop of inequalities in the UK and further afield AND given the Climate Change mitigation/adaptation imperatives we face...well we think it's the right time to be asking what shape our economy needs to take over the coming decades. On Cynnal's website We're asking 'How important are 'green'/sustainability issues in the midst of a world financial crisis?' and you can expect a call for short essays to appear on this blog v.v. soon.

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