Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Neil's Carbon 'Footprint' Calculated

It's taken me a while to get round to this but I've just calculated my carbon 'footprint' on the Welsh Assembly website Here. I am apparently using 3.02 tonnes a year, which appears to me to be a measure of carbon emissions resultant from my lifestyle, rather than a footprint measurement as such. It also seems to me to be very low.

I flew last year, once short haul and I have a car which I barely use. I also tend to leave my modem and router on standby alot, largely because I'm quite scared of the plug scoket they're plugged into, as it's surrounded by the rising damp coming through my old stone walls (I'm currently addressing this.)

So the calculator gives me an action plan:
- install underfloor heating. Great, where's the grant for that then?
- Turn my thermostat down by 1degree (or even two)
- Consider investing in an A grade dishwasher - I currently have no dishwasher by the way.
- don't leave things on standby (fair cop)
- 'Air travel is making a growing contribution to CO2 emissions'' - it falls short of telling me to cut back.
- Consider buying lowest emission vehicle in class - Which I would do if I thought anybody would buy my car off me in the current economic climate. I barely use it these days, so not too worried about this for now.

So nothing earth shattering but all fair cop really, except the dishwasher, unless an A rated dishwasher is more water and energy efficient than hand washing? I think this is a useful tool for people but like all such tools it has to generalise and assume its way to a conclusion.

As somebody who understands a few things about building performance I know what I could do to improve my home efficiency: Insulate my stone walls, get better and properly fitted double glazing, more loft insulation, solar thermal. What's more, I'd love to do all these things but it all costs. I suppose it's asking too much of this calculator to automatically transfer a hefty government grant into my bank account once completed???

I'd be interested to know how others get on and what you think of the calculator.

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