Monday, 10 November 2008

Last Call: Essays on Our Economic Future

I'm reposting this, since we've extended the deadline by a couple of weeks to allow for latecomers (and quality one hopes). We've had a strong repsonse to this request and at some point in the next week I'll post/email details of who is contributing.

We're currently inviting short essays (<1000 words) from a wide range of organisations, exploring future economic policy in Wales, in light of the current financial and economic conditions and the sustainability agenda (notably the announced 80% cut by 2050).

You can title your own piece as you wish but the headline title is A Sustainable Economic Future for Wales.

Deadline End of November, accepted in Welsh or English and to be translated.

The essays would be collated and electronically published. We'll be looking to distribute the collated essays amongst AMs and appropriate civil servants. The work will help also help Cynnal structure future research and policy work and the sharing of information between contributing organisations should also prove mutually beneficial.

We would seek to promote the finished product through our networks and through Welsh media channels. Cynnal will not be editing content in any way, although we will seek to provide a sense of editorial, identifying common themes and issues of divergence.

It's an opportunity to take a fresh, progressive look at economic policy and explain what policies would allow your organisation to deliver on sustainability over the coming decades.

If you'd like to contribute, do let me know.

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