Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Launch of New Sustainable Development Scheme

Wake up Wales! It's the launch of the Welsh Assembly Government Sustainable Development Scheme tommorow. This is a biggie, if Wales is to prosper in the coming decades whilst significantly reducing our collective environmental impact and reducing inequalities then this strategy has to be right.

It doesn't matter if you're a policy wonk, a politician a business owner, a nurse, a farmer, a school child....anybody and everybody should engage with your government and help them make sure the consultation draft released tommorow turns into a scheme fit for Wales' future.

More to follow: I'll be blogging the press releases over the next few days, getting a feel for how various organisations have responded to the draft document. Tommorow we'll be at the launch in Swansea where WAG have set up a consultation event.

Finally, we'll be producing a progressive, helpful, real-world Cynnal Cymru response over the coming weeks/months and we need as many views as we can get. become a member of Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales here and Get involved in shaping you and your countries' destiny!

Simplistically, what we really need to know is - 'Will the Scheme help you or your organisation to live more sustainably?' and 'Will the scheme ensure Wales delivers Sustainable Development?'. More details to follow, but get in touch with any comments or your email contact details over the coming weeks and we'll make sure we invite you to contribute to our formal consultation response.

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