Monday, 24 November 2008

PM at the CBI today: Choice Cuts of a New kind of New deal

Some interesting language in the below extracts from the PM's lengthy address to the CBI this morning.
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We now have a unique opportunity to do - in a twenty-first century way — what was done in the twentieth century by the new deal. As they built roads and bridges to create the infrastructure for the years ahead; we can use this period of adjustment to build both the technological base and human capital to equip us for the opportunities ahead.

Now, at the very moment of an economic downturn is precisely when we need to step up our welfare reform and invest in our human capital - as many of you who recently put your names to the statement in the newspapers would agree.

And to ensure Britain can make the most of the opportunities in the environmental revolution, we will support investment in the low carbon economy. A worldwide market that could by 2050 be worth as much as $3 trillion per year. And which could employ more than 25 million people. Because I want Britain to benefit from these new jobs - with at least 1 million jobs in the green economy by 2030.

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