Monday, 17 November 2008

Put your Chopper Away and Save the Planet

Helicopters and aircraft seem to me to form the backbone of many a TV show these days. Faced with an hour to fill and limited factual content, the license fee/budget burdened producer takes to the skies to show us the birds eye view...of everything and anything. So, what I'm wondering is who monitors GHG emissions from TV networks, inparticular the BBC (see their CSR environment page).

Over the last few years, things have gotten serious: The shot from the sky is now king.
Witness: Andrew Marr, Britain from Above, Bruce Parry, Amazon (oh the irony) and my personal favourite,the X factor with its branded helicopters, private jets, huge trucks (great link) and SUVs galore - a real inspiration for Britain's young (see Ethical and Green blog on this).

Aside from the emissions these helicopters and planes must produce (often, on the license payers behalf), the noise is becoming an increasing nuisance. By the time Andrew Marr has flown overhead, the local police have circled the area from above (to improve my well-being presumably), the sports tv crew have filmed the Millenium Stadium pitch from above and the X Factor team have stopped off to shatter another dream or two, my quiet afternoon in the garden has been ruined. I only wish I was joking.

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