Monday, 5 January 2009

Old thinking must be shared...

This was meant to go out before the 'festive period' but alas, it lay alone in my drafts folder, unfinished and incoherent. I'm not even sure where this was going - but it was something to do with sex saving the planet, so I must have been in a good mood. If you read the Rob Hopkins piece, it will all make sense.

John Paul Flintoff at the Times picks up on Rob Hopkins latest blog - Rob thinks it's time to say good bye to Economic growth: 'I say let's write it off as a fascinating but ultimately failed economic experiment, and look instead at a new way, one based on the economics of resilience and, ultimately, survival.'  - not least because he's just seen Kevin Anderson's latest Tyndall centre presentation, which you can download here. In short, we need to cut GHG emissions at a rate of 9% per annum to have any chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. 9% is big - sizeable cuts in emissions are normally only assoiciated with severe economic decline but 9% every year means a big rethink, as far as I can work out, of almost everything.

Rob's piece is a good review of some of the recent thinking on economic policy and sustainable development, highlighting the opportunity that Transition and other resilience based approaches offer communities, likewise the New Green Deal. He also picks up on another strand of recent discourse, the notion of a retreat from the frenzied consumption of recent decades, towards austerity and the finer things in life. Peter Wells at Cardiff's BRASS institue has written an interesting comment piece on just this - well worth a read. There's also the Reverend Billy of course (see below) or

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