Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Recycling Good Ideas

My sister lives in Trafford Greater Manchester. During a phone conversation over the weekend she announced that at last she would now be recycling. I had often teased and chided her in the past about the fact that glass, plastic and other recyclable waste was going in the general bin but as she pointed out, she could only recycle what the local council was able to accommodate. Well the good news is that she now has four large wheelie bins in four different colours that have to be put out at monthly, fortnightly and weekly intervals depending on the bin. This means that she can now send glass, plastic bottles, papers, cans and garden waste for recycling/composting. You can see the details here
Its a good job she has a large garden.

I told her that in Cardiff, they have one green bag fortnightly. In Vale of Glamorgan we have two green boxes on intermittent weeks. Simple. Convenient.

It would be nice to think that local authorities in the UK would be able to learn from each other and adopt the best of all possible recycling schemes based on tried and tested methods rather than each authority devising its own scheme. Maybe someone could do a study and find the best, most convenient, most efficient, cost effective recycling scheme and for that to be adopted as the national standard.

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Victoria Winckler said...

The evidence on what works is pretty clear, namely weekly collections of mixed recycling. So full marks to Merthyr Council which has just introduced this system and is an absolute joy compared to our two full green boxes of metal, plastic and glass, four bags of newspapers, green bag of green waste, plus blue box of food waste that we used to have to store in the garden and drag out at intermittent intervals.