Thursday, 25 June 2009

All We Ask For Is Commitment

Jonathan Porritt and Andy Middleton gave a qualified endorsement of the Welsh Assembly Government's commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 3% on radio Wales this morning.

Jane Daidson, minister for Environment Sustainability and Housing, will announce Wales is to spend £300m cutting carbon emissions as part of its commitment to tackling climate change.

The BBC Wales report emerges the morning after a Newsnight report on the Obama administration's problems in honouring the election commitment to pass a radical climate change bill.

With no big oil and coal lobby to grapple with, perhaps the Welsh Assembly finds it easier to make progress on climate change. Similarly US state governments have provided progressive leadership on GHG emissions while the federal Bush administration failed.

The Newsnight report and subsequent discussion suggested that the Obama administration has been thwarted and the climate change bill, if passed, will be considerably weaker than was proposed by the man himself during his election campaign.

We all know that politicians who are supposed to represent us are often compromised by powerful lobbies. We the electorate know its tough at the top but like in any relationship all we ask for is a bit of commitment.

We could make it easier for politicians to remain faithful to their ideals by demonstrating in that we want leadership on climate change and that we are prepared to live with the consequences of difficult decisions.

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