Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Information Age

Information exchange is central to the work of Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales. As explained in previous blogs, information is rich in embodied energy and a key component of any sustainable system is fluid information exchange.

Information and communication precedes change. All agree that in the face of rising global temperatures and falling supplies of easily accessible oil, change is needed on a major scale.

Events in Iran dramatically illustrate this point. Read here how mobile phones, and internet communication platforms such as Twitter are being used to co-ordinate protest. The same technology has been used by Ant- Globalisation protestors in the West and by President Obama’s team during his election campaign.

The sustainable development movement needs to use this technology as effectively. Cynnal Cymru has a Facebook and Twitter page. But we and our partners could go further. Ultimately, the power to bring about change resides in individuals not organisations. I await the day when a critical mass of citizens demanding change develops. This may not be until the price of oil and rising sea levels curtail the freedoms we in the west all take for granted.

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