Monday, 26 October 2009

The Wales Green List

Find a link here to the first ever Wales Green List which we announced on Tuesday 20th Oct. We had some great media cover in the papers, radio and TV, which is still continuing.

The judging panel consisted of Richard Jarvis, Helen Nelson, Mike Batt, Peter Davies, Chris Kelsey and Clare Sain Ley Berry. The final List was unanimous.
The Green List of 52 people (one for each week of the year) will be promoted by us and Media Wales over the forthcoming year. Seventy Five people in all were nominated. All are worthy of recognition and we hope next year a different list of 52will feature those who didn't make the list this time. We also hope that the public will continue to nominate people.

The evening event at the Senedd on Monday 19th October was a celebration of all 75 nominees and an opportunity to take stock of where we are in Wales when it comes to sustainable development. The event itself was a big success, with so many new faces and a great reaction to the photographs and film which will be touring venues across Wales to promote the list. We've had very positive comments from the people that were there - it was great to end a busy summer on such a high note!

But the importance of all this is that it shows that ordinary people - communities, businesses, charities and enterprises - understand that we have reached the end of a consumer-driven, resource-hungry economy powered by fossil fuel. We stand on the brink of a new age where human beings will draw on all their ingenuity and capacity for invention and change to grasp new technologies, new social structures, yes even new spiritual and philosophical outlooks. This isn't greenwash - The List proves that people out there get it and are taking action on their own initiative. The challenges still remain and they are daunting but in Wales for certain there is now a citizen-led movement that is gearing up to meet whatever a future of climate change and peak oil may bring.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Engineers Warn Governments About Climate Change

Not so long ago, engineers were part of the problem. Take the Cardiff Bay barrage as an example: biologists warned that damming two rivers and flooding a tidal delta would create long term management problems. Sure enough, at huge expense, air is now pumped into Cardiff Bay to keep the water oxygenated. Large-scale engineering projects have in the past contributed to climate change. It is therefore refreshing to be able to quote the following from the press release of The International Federation of Consulting Engineers:

"Without agreement at Copenhagen, consulting engineers believe the world faces starvation, poverty and war over resources. To avert these disasters, the world consulting engineering industry demanded a meaningful dialogue with governments. They also urged a conclusive agreement on carbon reduction levels between governments at the coming Copenhagen summit.

Over the last three days, the consulting engineering community met in London at the FIDIC 2009 conference to discuss the answers to the world’s problems. FIDIC intends to send an open letter to the governments attending Copenhagen that demands that they reach an agreement on climate change. The letter will also provide examples of how the industry can offer sustainable solutions to these global challenges.

The last days have brought together over 700 consulting engineers from around the world who have proposed critical engineering solutions to these issues. Sustainability is the most important issue facing humanity. Failure to act now will condemn many generations to come to prolonged hardships.”

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Pembroke Can Make A Difference

Set against the backdrop of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December, key environment campaigners in Wales are meeting in Pembroke for the first time.

The event, to be held in Foundry House on Pembroke Commons on Thursday 15th October, is organised by Pembroke 21C Community Association’s Sustainable Energy Group to showcase their project designed to encourage behavioural change in Pembroke.

Pembroke Can Make a Difference! encourages individuals, households, schools and businesses to begin taking small steps to reduce their impact on the environment and to build a cohesive community approach so that Pembroke really can make a difference and plan for a sustainable future.

Starting at 5pm the evening will bring together national and local organisations who are working in the field of climate change. There will be a showing of the film Ecoworriers: An end of the road movie by Rhodri Thomas of Sustain Wales, who will later join a panel of experts to examine whether this small community project can affect the big picture.

The panel, to be chaired by Angela Burns AM, Shadow Minister for Environment and Planning, with Peter Davies of the Sustainable Development Commission for Wales, Gordon James from Friends of the Earth, and Andy Middleton of TYF Group, will examine the question Can Pembroke Make A Difference?

The event is free and refreshments will be served.

If you live in or near Pembroke and want to get involved contact Pembroke 21C on 01646 680090 or e-mail

Monday, 5 October 2009

The Rhythm of Life

350 minutes of drumming and dance in a zero-carbon celebration of earth rhythms as part of the global day of action on climate change.

Call to Arms - Groove along for 10 minutes or more - free to join in - bring the kids to the seaside - look for the gazebo village!!

Sandy Bowl, Porthcawl, October 24th
Start time: 12.10pm, Ends: 6.00pm

See for updates on location and activities.