Thursday, 8 October 2009

Engineers Warn Governments About Climate Change

Not so long ago, engineers were part of the problem. Take the Cardiff Bay barrage as an example: biologists warned that damming two rivers and flooding a tidal delta would create long term management problems. Sure enough, at huge expense, air is now pumped into Cardiff Bay to keep the water oxygenated. Large-scale engineering projects have in the past contributed to climate change. It is therefore refreshing to be able to quote the following from the press release of The International Federation of Consulting Engineers:

"Without agreement at Copenhagen, consulting engineers believe the world faces starvation, poverty and war over resources. To avert these disasters, the world consulting engineering industry demanded a meaningful dialogue with governments. They also urged a conclusive agreement on carbon reduction levels between governments at the coming Copenhagen summit.

Over the last three days, the consulting engineering community met in London at the FIDIC 2009 conference to discuss the answers to the world’s problems. FIDIC intends to send an open letter to the governments attending Copenhagen that demands that they reach an agreement on climate change. The letter will also provide examples of how the industry can offer sustainable solutions to these global challenges.

The last days have brought together over 700 consulting engineers from around the world who have proposed critical engineering solutions to these issues. Sustainability is the most important issue facing humanity. Failure to act now will condemn many generations to come to prolonged hardships.”

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